We are currently a domestic sewing school. We are however in the process of acquiring our accreditation.

Welcome to Sew Crazy/Thunag Nati and thank you for your enquiry.

There are no entry requirements for our domestic courses, all of the below.


  • Getting to know your machine (one class,3 hours) brief getting to know your machine included in Beginners, Homeware and Bag Making Courses
  • Overlocker Course (1 x class, three hours)
  • Beginners Course (8 x three hour classes)
  • Intermediate 1 ( 8 x Three hour classes)
  • Intermediate 2 (8 x Three hour classes)
  • Sew As You Go- (Either  4 x Three hour classes or 8 x Three hour classes)
  • Advanced (8 x Three hour classes)
  • Homeware Course (8 x Three hour classes) Interior Design
  • Homeware Advanced ( 8 x Three hour classes)
  • Bag Making (8 x Three hour classes)
  • Industrial Sewing Machine Course- (8 x Three hour classes) COMING SOON
  • Entrepreneurship Course (8 x Three hour class) COMING SOON
  • Pattern Making Course (8 x Three hour class() COMING SOON


We have 26 work stations available, including a sewing station and cutting table for each student. Each table is providing with a sewing kit box containing haberdashery required for classes and an iron.

We encourage students to use this  equipment and not their own personal equipment in order to avoid loss.

We do however encourage students to purchase their own pair of cutting shears (scissors) and mark them clearly with your name.


Sew Crazy provides sewing machines for  the use of students in the beginners course.

If the student already owns their own machine, they are encouraged to bring it to class, it makes sense for new sewers to become completely familiar and comfortable with the machine they will be working on long term.

It’s your “baby”.

For beginners who have not purchased a machine yet, please use our machines, we have Janome and Elna machines for use, please chat to the teachers about advice on what machine to purchase best suited to your needs and budget. We very much want to see our students purchase reliable machines to avoid time wastage on a machine that constantly gives trouble.

We have a tea (or coffee) time half way through our three hour classes. Tea and coffee (biscuits) provided.

Sew As you Go- This is essentially supervised sewing classes where the student brings their current project, machine, pattern, material etc and our teachers guide them through the steps and process of constructing their project.


All courses are booked and paid upfront before or on the day of the students first lesson. Cash, prior eft or credit card payment is acceptable.


Account Name: Thunga Nati
Account Number: 10161173312
Bank: Standard Bank, Bedford Gardens
Branch Code: 018305


All students are given three months to complete all 8 lesson courses, we do however encourage students to be more consistent to retain information.

After three months all lessons remaining will be forfeited unless there are special circumstances discussed with teachers.

48 hour cancellation policy- please cancel classes at least 48 hours beforehand, or class will be forfeited.

ESPECIALLY SATURDAYS, which are very popular and have a waiting list.